Bioinformatik-Seminar für Humanbiologen

Die Veranstaltung findet auf englischer Sprache statt / The seminar will be held in English language.

During the literature seminar you will be grouped in teams of two people to read a publication of "classical Bioinformatics" and create a report (Expose) and later prepare a presentation.

Learning Objectives

Expose / Report:

  1. Read the publication and understand the method described in it.
  2. Write an Expose/Report of a maximum of 1200 words and maximum 2 figures/tables.
  3. Expose should be written in English with the following form:
    • Introduction: Leading to the problem and solved question
    • State of the art from relevant literature
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion and critical remarks to the publication
  4. Contact to your 1. supervisor concerning your Report after 2-3 weeks. Until then read and understand the publication.
  5. Deadline Exposé : 15.06.2020, 12:00; submit via E-Mail to your supervisor


  1. Prepare a talk based on your publication.
  2. Talk should be prepared in English with the following restrictions:
    • 15 min. talk
    • 5 min. discussion
    • group members should participate equally
  3. The aim is to explain the method and application in this paper understandable.
  4. Use figures from th epublication and / or use other sources or create own figures
  5. Presentation Date: Begin of July 2020, presentation per Powerpoint or PDF on USB-Stick